Hi I'm Willi. Software Engineer from Leipzig, Germany.

Starting from a pretty young age, I was "raised" with an agile background. Over the years I've developed a widely spread interest in several topics. My main focus though, seemed to stay pretty much the same – Software Engineering and Design principles and the usage of them. A combination of tech and art opens up new ways of thinking and interpretation of inspiration. I think it is important to use the right tool for the job – but why not also make it pretty for DX & UX.

Focus projects


Try PHP was created out of the urge to have a simpler way of writing unit tests for PHP with a modern testing approach in mind. The main project is called try/tapping. A library for atomic testing with PHP as sole test runner.


Milestones is a long-time planned project. It is a simple milestone oriented task and todo management application focused on the "get stuff done" mentality. It is a full fledged PWA.