Food A pizza guide for Leipzig



This is a small list compiled by me over the years where you should order Pizza when you live in Leipzig.

1. Cortona Pizza

2. La Piccolina

3. Pizza Lorenza

4. Victoria Pizzaservice


It's been a while since I really posted something around here, I've been preparing and started to write a lot of postings for the theory and thoughts section, none of those though has nearly been finished yet and isn't therefore published. So I thought I devote a little time to a less complicated topic and talk about pizza.

I like pizza, to be more precise: I really like pizza (love is such a strong word that I'd prefer to not use it in that context but it comes pretty close to my emotions regarding pizza). Maybe not as much as Dan Janssen though.

I barely remember my first slice of it, but I think it was homemade by my mom. I usually don't like the food she cooks, but her pizza is pretty good. The style of pizza my mom makes would be described nowadays as "Grandma Style". But the ratio of the cheese to dough is slightly off, meaning that it usually is a little bit more dough than cheese. But the dough is really fluffy so this doesn't really has too much effect on the overall taste.

Since I moved out five years ago and moved to Leipzig, I started to regularly order pizza and so I tried a lot of different pizza places and feel like I can create a list of recommendations.

I want to give some more considerations beforehand though.

Some word before we start

  • As soon as a city has multiple zip codes the list of pizza places you can order from varies a lot for where you live. I live near the city center. So that is what the list of recommendations is for.
  • It depends on the platform you order from which places you can order from too. Due to the fact that not every place is on every platform. Also some of the places are not on any platform. (I had a pretty interesting conversation regarding this with a guy from one of my favourite places, because they conciously decided to move away from those platforms because they don't bring that much service to the places what means that information on platforms are sometimes outdated because even though new data (new meals, prices, etc.) are provided they don't update it regularly or they change delivery prices without consulting the place.)
  • I didn't order from EVERY place there is. I majorly skipped all the chains.
  • I personally order a lot at once, so for me the minimum price of a place doesn't really matter. I am aware though that this is not the usual behaviour, but it also broadens the list of places I ordered from that other people would've skipped.
  • I like to keep my lists short, no "Top 10", no "Top 20". Just the places I want to recommend.

How I order

After a while ordering at a pizza place I usually get always the same but mix it up with a new topping or something. But the initial order at every pizza place is always the same. I order a pizza margeritha (standard tomate sauce and cheese pie) and a pizza tonno (pie with tuna, red onions and cheese). I order those because of two reasons. Firstly I really like pizza tonno and secondly I think to get to know the quality of a pizza place ALWAYS try the standard pie (tomato sauce and cheese), because usually this one is a good indicator how the place has the standards down. It's like knowing someone learns their field from ground off and doesn't start on some high level without knowing the reasoning behind something. "Cooking is an art and baking is more of science and I think pizza kinda falls in the middle of that" (Frank Pinello). So every review I do is based around those two kinds.

The List

1. Cortona Pizza

Cortona is since ~1,5 years always my first choice for really really good pizza. I started ordering there mid 2015 when I was searching for a new pizza place as an alternative for my favorite one at the time (I still think this is a good thing to do. The problem with ordering always at one place is, that it loses it's "special status" and you get too much used to it). I was really suprised at first because for my first order it took from placement to delivery ~20 minutes, what is really quick.

Cortona makes their pizza I think with a real stone oven what is usually a good quality indicator. The standard pie was a real delight. Sometimes you have the problem that the seasoning or the cheese/dough ratio is off meaning that too much seasoning and too much cheese is put on the pizza to weigh against the "missing" toppings. Cortona doesn't have this problem. The cheese/dough ratio was about 1,5/1 so a little over 1/1 but since their crust is really thin it makes sense to put more cheese on there in my oppinion as long as it doesn't "overrule" the dough, what usually happens at 2/1. The sauce ratio was superb! It was just enough to mix itself in every bite but not too much to overwhelm the crust. The seasoning is subtle but tasteful. I really liked it and still order it. Sometimes with extra cheese. Somehow they have it down to not produce too greasy pies.

The tonno is the optimal test to check pizza with toppings in my oppinion. It doesn't have a complicated taste profile. It's basically just a standard pizza with tuna and onions to accomodate the taste. The tonno pizza from Cortona is really interesting. In my oppinion it has to much onion on there what doesn't affect the taste but the texture. I'm personally not a huge fan of that but it doesn't bother me too much. The ratio of topings to crust is about 1/1 what I really appreciate so I don't need to order extra toppings.

Overall I would call the pies from Cortona just great. For me personally they taste awesome every time. It is more of a thin crust stylish pizza with a rich flavor composition and a great texture. I would recommend it and rate it 9/10. (no one get's 10/10)

I need to admit though that in recent weeks the quality lacked a tiny bit, what isn't that noticeable -- except you order there regularly.

2. La Piccolina

La Piccolina is for me a, ney THE newcomer in the pizza game in Leipzig. The place opened I think just in early or mid 2016. I ordered there when it was declared as "new" on the platform I usually order and wasn't happy to be honest. The seasoning was too extrem, the sauce wasn't tasteable, the crust too crunchy and too dry. Two month ago I decided to give it another try and it conviced me on the spot! I still think that the seasoning is a little over the top and overwhelmes a little bit the rest of the pie but it's not too bad. But that's the reason it "only" takes 2nd place on my list.

The taste profile is rich, and the texture "easy-to-eat". So it qualifies as a really good pizza place and respective to the first impression they are really improving and working on themselves. What is great. They also have in my oppinion the best pie with toppings. Pizza tonno from La Piccolina is right now better then the one from Cortona.

They also use a stone oven I think.

3. Pizza Lorenza

Lorenza is the solid base line. Nothing too special, nothing too bad. And when I say that keep in mind that this is still a list of recommendations so it's still good, but I don't think there are more words necessary to describe it then: Stone oven, good taste profile, ok texture.

4. Victoria Pizzaservice

Victoria is on the list because it was for the longest time my favorite pizza place. I started ordering there somewhen in 2013. For me it is the definition of comfort food. It's good pizza. It's classy pizza too with really nice seasoning. The dough/cheese ratio is alright, little more cheese then needed. The sauce has a really neat taste but it's not like something that is an awesome pizza. It's really just a pizza that makes you feel comfortable. It's good for movie evenings or binge watch sessions. It just has really high sentimental value for me because it was the pizza I also afforted when I was living on my apprenticeship salary without feeling bad.