Hi! I’m Willi.

Software Engineer currently employed at (Leipzig)

I’m a creator.

From a pretty young age i’ve developed a pretty widely spread interest in several topics, my focus topics though seemed to stay pretty much the same over the years and boiled down to Digital Graphic and Logo creation, 3D asset creation and Software Engineering (which i do professionally).

I’m a sofware engineer.

Since I started to develop small projects in Borland Delphi in the 6th grade i was hooked on writing code, I developed a lot and came a pretty long way. Now i’m a Software Engineer with , mainly for PHP and JavaScript. I worked before that with a pretty great team on the B2B application of trivago - Hotel Manager. Where we developed on a daily basis solutions for meta data aggregation and tools to provide insights in statistics for hoteliers regarding their inventory. Now though I have a new mission with my off-work team we were hired by to become the new backend team. To bring the application to a new "high" and improve the processes massively.

Ability Profile

I think it is very confusing to define how good a developer is on a certain field or language by a level. So i figured it will be more descriptive to define the abilities in shares in comparison to the bigger picture.

Ability Composition

Software Engineering Digital Graphic Creation 3D Asset Creation Other Cool Stuff

Software Engineering

Backend Frontend


PHP JavaScript NodeJS Other